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Local Centre Virtual Public Consultation

Following the approval of outline planning permission for Part 1 of Whitehouse Farm in April 2018, and the subsequent approval of reserved matters applications for residential parcels on the site, Miller Homes and Vistry Group are now preparing the reserved matters application for the Local Centre that sits at the heart of the site.

As we are sure you will appreciate, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to conduct face-to-face consultation or hold a public exhibition. However, we will be holding a virtual public consultation between Monday 23rd November and Sunday 13th December 2020, with materials to view under the ‘Virtual Exhibition’ tab on our website, where you will also have the opportunity to provide your feedback.

Miller Homes and Vistry Group are committed to consulting with the local community on our draft proposals and allow feedback to be provided, before the scheme is finalised and a reserved matters application is submitted to Chichester District Council.

Miller Homes and Vistry Homes (formerly Linden Homes) are bringing forward development proposals for Land West of Chichester, known as Whitehouse Farm.

In April 2018, the Section 106 Agreement associated with the Part 1 outline planning application for Whitehouse Farm was signed and outline planning consent was issued by Chichester District Council.

The Part 1 outline consent establishes the principle of developing Part 1 of the site with up to 750 new homes, together with associated infrastructure, retail, employment and community facilities, a new school and significant areas of open space and access from Old Broyle Road via a new roundabout.

The reserved matters process is the second stage of planning. The Part 1 outline planning application covered overarching principles, with the reserved matters applications essentially filling in the details before any development can take place on the Part 1 site.

The progress of the reserved matters process is set out in more detail on the Reserved Matters Applications page of the website.

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