August 2019 РArchaeological Works update 

Miller Homes and Linden Homes are shortly to commence two sets of on-site archaeological investigation works on the Part 1 site to better understand any archaeological remains which may be present.

The first phase of works will begin on Monday 19th August 2019 and will involve the hand excavation of archaeological features following the careful removal of the topsoil. This phase of works is expected to last up to 12 weeks.

The second phase of works will see the excavation of approximately 114 trenches which will be backfilled once works have been completed. This phase of works is expected to last approximately 6 weeks.

Both phases of investigation will be carried out between the hours of 8am to 4pm (Monday to Friday), and will involve a team of up to 10 archaeologists. All machinery required for these works will be delivered to the site via the existing access off Old Broyle Road.

The archaeological investigations will be undertaken in line with methodologies which have been approved by the Local Planning Authority. All archaeological works will be undertaken in consultation and under the guidance of the Chichester District Archaeological Advisor. The results of the archaeological works will be published in an appropriate journal and a full excavation report submitted to the West Sussex Historic Environment Record to be accessed by the public. If remains are found to be of high interest then public engagement such as an open day will be arranged accordingly.

If you have any queries regarding these investigations, please contact the project team on 0800 298 7040.